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Bridging the gap between the physical and digital.

RealNifty is a curated NFT marketplace and agency helping accomplished artists and creatives showcase and sell their work.

With a focus on the physical and digital, we are OBSESSED with solving the friction between these two worlds. We are the first NFT platform to attempt this on such a scale.

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About Us

Founded in 2021, RealNifty's mission has always aimed towards improving the link between the physical and digital when it comes to NFTs.

As a marketplace, we are a self-service curated NFT platform for artists and creators. We are still on hand to help and guide you through your journey, however.

As an agency, we help build out strategies, drive concept development and offer that all-important creative support for those looking to build an NFT project.

Real-World Delivery

RealNifty is the first 'phygital' platform that has the ability to deliver physical fine art and collectibles via NFT throughout the entire platform. Click a couple of buttons, redeem your NFT and you'll receive the physical item. Simple.

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Building Community

We allow communication between buyers and sellers, collectors and artists directly through the marketplace. Want to find out more about an artist or their work? Send them a message. We're also a learning platform for those not yet well-versed in the power of NFTs and a community for creators.

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Core Team

Meet The Team

The Team Behind RealNifty


Meet The Team

Guiding RealNifty Forward


Bridging the physical and digital worlds for art, collectibles, fashion and more.

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