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Bridging the gap between the physical and digital.

RealNifty is a curated fine art marketplace helping accomplished artists and creatives showcase and sell their work.

Creators can sell their art both physically and digitally via NFTs, allowing them to grow audiences old and new.

Collectors now have a choice between physical art, digital art, or both.

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What makes us different?

Physical, Digital, & Phygital Purchase

Purchase physical-only art with credit card or phygital/digital-only art with cryptocurrency. We want to give collectors the choice and welcome both traditional payment methods as well as crypto payments. RealNifty is a place for artists to cultivate traditional audiences as well as build new ones.

Insured Delivery

RealNifty is the first 'phygital' platform with the ability to deliver physical fine art via NFTs sitewide. We also offer the option of secure and insured fine art delivery. Click a couple of buttons, redeem your art and you'll receive the physical item. Simple.

Curated Artists

Our platform is entirely curated. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that artists on RealNifty are the real deal. We conduct background checks and actually have conversations with creators to make sure we’re the right fit for each other and collectors.

Message Creators

Contact artists directly through the marketplace. Want to find out more about a creator or their work? Send them a message. We're also a learning platform for those not yet well-versed in the power of NFTs.

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Core Team

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The Team Behind RealNifty


Bridging the physical and digital worlds for art, collectibles, fashion and more.

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