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RealNifty is a leading marketplace for one-of-a-kind digital and physical art. We are innovating the future of art collecting.

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Ola Cichy

Ola’s artworks often have deep textures as she combines various media and materials collected through her voyages. She also adds Augmented Reality to select canvases incorporating her original poetry and music.

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Gianluca Franzese

With an intention to find “balance” in his work, Franzese is an artist unconstrained by even his own methods. Working with no standard format or formula, each panel and canvas created by Franzese is its own singular creation.

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Leslie Spurlock

Leslie Spurlock is a globetrotting photojournalist. Her work reveals unique stories behind her subjects and collections. Photographer, storm-chaser, humanitarian.


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RealNifty has two metaverse galleries for you to enjoy. Compatible with Ready Player Me Avatars, our spaces include artworks for sale on RealNifty and frequent exhibitions from featured creators.

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