Our NFT projects all in one place.

Below you’ll find our current, past, and future NFT projects. RealNifty leans towards the creative side when it comes to NFTs, working with businesses, artists, musicians, creatives, and those in the fashion industry to name a few. We aim to build projects that are unique and have physical/real-world elements to bring them to life.


Mosaic NFT by Matt Vegh

In collaboration with RealNifty, artist Matt Vegh has created 200 hand-painted, 3x3cm mosaic tiles that each have NFT counterparts and physical/digital utility.

Coming Soon

Handbag NFT by Frederick Anderson

Fashion designer Frederick Anderson in collaboration with Artist Brian Farrell is releasing 9 handbag NFTs, each with unique designs and the right to claim the hand-painted matching physical counterpa...


Bridging the physical and digital worlds for art, collectibles, fashion and more.

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