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We’re the first gallery in New York City to specialize in art by emerging women.

Founded by a woman artist, we are proud to exclusively represent emerging women artists. To the best of our knowledge we are the first, and we hope many follow.

Our mission is we want to see more art made by women in museums in our lifetime. Current collections are estimated to be only 14% women.

We support a particular type of art that seems to be lacking in the art world. Its language is color, sunshine, and optimism. It’s art that looks good and feels good. We call it “Arte Feliz”, happy art.

Our exceptional artist roster is majority minority, diverse in style, medium, and background. Every artwork is an original or a limited edition released by the artist. Our collections are great investment, we believe it will be in museums some day.

Surfergirl Gallery is the love project of strategist and artist Marcia Lorente Howell, a Spanish-American modern impressionist lauded by art critic Jerry Saltz for her “great touch and light”. She’s been curating art shows in New York’s Lower East Side since 2018.

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