Mosaic NFT by Matt Vegh


In collaboration with RealNifty, artist Matt Vegh has created 200 hand-painted, 3x3cm mosaic tiles.

The intricate design and structures of each mosaic tile really come to life when viewed as an NFT; each one has its story to tell.  Each tile has an NFT counterpart; if you collect 9 NFT tiles you can combine them and receive a matching physical piece.

Each NFT is unique and the mint is blind. This means it's a complete lottery to which NFT tile you mint. It could be a tile with rare colors and thickness or a more common piece. Perhaps you'll mint the Purple Sorceress or Forest Queen? Whatever you mint, it's going to be a piece worth keeping.


200 unique physical/digital tiles

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Mosaic NFT has been completed. View the Mosaic NFT collection on Opensea for the chance to purchase one on the secondary market

What You Get with Mosaic NFT

One of a kind NFT

backed by a physical artwork

Combine 9 NFTs

to create a unique crystallization tile

Receive a mosaic

delivered in the real world

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How it Works

Check out our video guide to see exactly how Mosaic NFT works. Will you mint just one mosaic NFT or will you collect nine and crystallize for a physical counterpart? The choice is yours!

Join us in the Metaverse

Display your NFTs in the metaverse! With Metaverses like Spatial and Portals, you have the chance to display the NFTs you’ve purchased in a virtual world. Set up your own space and invite people to view or purchase your Mosaic NFTs! Why not be there to tell people all about them?

Metaverse in RealNifty
Matt vegh

About the Creator

Renowned Graphic Novelist & Physical/Digital Artist Matt Vegh

Vegh has written the SXD Middle Kingdom series and the VR game / metaverse based on the novel is underway.

Since 2017 Vegh has sold over 500 original works of art. He has also received two Golden Panda International Design Awards, participated in several high profile residencies and regularly asked to live paint at events held in China.

Vegh created the artwork for his and the world's first community-minted NFT known as Rebuilding the Tower of Babel, which sold at auction on Opensea earlier this year for 16.1 ETH.

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